JetScan iFX® i100 and
JetScan iFX® i200 ticket and note scanners

Note and Ticket Scanner

Drive efficiencies and reduce time wastage, increasing productivity and profits


Keeping up with increasing gaming ticket and currency volume from ticket in, ticket out (TITO) machines is challenging, and you need solutions that are up to the task. The JetScan iFX series of ticket and note scanners are a is a complete solution for your business because it handles large volumes of cash and tickets on a daily basis with unparalleled speed and accuracy enabling your operation to run at peak efficiency saving you time and money.  It transforms the way you manage cash, catch counterfeits and off-sort tickets in a single pass. 

The JetScan iFX i200 series scanners can grow as your needs change, is the most affordable two-pocket sorter in the industry, and

  • Processes and separates mixed currency from tickets

  • Images and stores tickets

  • Provides a total count for currency and for tickets

  • Verifies count accuracy

  • Reduces the number of hours dedicated to clearance operations

  • Eliminates the need to physically store tickets and the associated costs

  • Allows for quick and accurate ticket retrieval


Faster, smaller and more efficient

  • 50% faster: Minimise time spent on ticket and cash management

  • Smaller footprint

  • Has the ability to connect to your cash management system making the whole process more efficient, increasing security, productivity and profits.


Our solutions are currently hard at work in vaults, cages and count rooms.


JetScan iFX i200 NGB $5 Note & Ticket Processing Video

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  • Basic bar code recognition: Read bar-coded tickets from ticket in, ticket out (TITO) machines.

  • Ticket imaging: Store and retrieve ticket images captured from casino ticket counting.

  • Counterfeit detection: Choose from a wide range of counterfeit detection sensors, including magnetic ink, fluorescence, ultraviolet, infrared and IQ™ Sensing technology.

  • Ticket archive solution: Digitally capture and store ticketimages and eliminate the need to store physical documents.

  • Remote display: 6- or 12-digit LED display showing count totals.

  • Printers: Optional Citizen impact or thermal printers available.

  • Optional currencies: AUD, GBP, EUR, USD, CAD

Type Automatic feeder with auto-sensing document detection.
Type High-volume straight-through transport path.
Exit Pocket Capacity
Maximum Capacity Single-pocket – 200 documents. Two-pocket – 200 documents.
Physical Specs
Dimensions Single-pocket – 24.13 cm H (without hopper) x 34.29 cm W x 33.02 cm D.
Two-pocket – 35.56 cm H (without hopper) x 35.56 cm W x 40.64 cm D.
Weight Single-pocket – 9.07 kg.
Two-pocket – 19.05 kg.
Document Size Height: 6.12 cm to 9.52 cm,
Length: 11.43 cm to 22.22 cm.
Currency Processing Specs
Adjustable Processing Speed 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,200 notes per minute.
Denominations Scanned $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.
Accuracy 99.99+%
Feeder Capacity Single-pocket – 500 documents.
Two-pocket – brick currency: 800 notes; circulated currency: 700 notes.

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