JetWedge® connection software

JetWedge Connection Software

Speed processing and eliminate keyboard errors

JetWedge software acts as a bridge between Cummins Allison cash processing equipment and your accounting package to provide instant access to coin and currency processing totals. Serves as a virtual keyboard, entering data processed via JetScan or JetSort currency handling machines directly into your cash and coin processing accounting program. Save time and eliminate manual keystroke errors with automated data entry.

  • Save time with automated entry for greatly reduced processing time.

  • Increase accuracy by eliminating manual processing errors.

  • Free staff for other tasks so employees spend time more effectively.

  • Flexible and adaptable with easy adjustments for host software system changes.

  • Quick and easy setup and installation.

  • Simplified training through process automation.


A JetWedge hardware alternative is available for situations where a software solution cannot be used.

Unmatched Service - Local Cummins Allison Support

Cummins Allison technicians are noted for their proactive focus, expertise, quick response times and customer service orientation. Rigorous training is conducted at our facilities to ensure that our service technicians are equipped with the comprehensive product and application knowledge needed to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. We provide nationwide coverage with a network of service engineers with access to local parts inventories.


Service Support includes:


  • Trained local service technicians

  • National Field Service Department

  • Cummins Allison Worldwide Service Organisation

Customer service hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Technician hours are 9am to 5pm.