Cash Room Manager Software

Cash Room Manager

Complete, easy-to-learn revenue-tracking cash room processing software

Cash Room Manager, a cash till processing software is a retail currency management application that accepts all types of transactions to provide built-in cash room reporting and a complete audit trail. Interfacing with JetScan note handling and JetSort coin handling solutions allow tracking of valuable revenue data. Use Cash Room Manager to create fast, accurate and efficient cash till systems that automatically enter counted funds into a host computer. A configurable, user-friendly cash till processing system.

  • Fund control for automated issuance and tracking

  • Large, easy-to-read menus help minimise operator error - pop-up display when errors occur

  • Network enabled for multi-user data sharing

  • One key access to general and field specific help screens in electronic online manual


Additional features:

  • Password Protection provides five levels of software access

  • Customisable Field Labels to adapt screens, menus and reports to existing terminology

  • POS Data Import/Export in standard file formats

  • 40+ Standardised Reports may be printed and compiled for permanent record keeping

  • Pickups and Final Count Tracking facilitates periodic pickups and final totals

  • Closed Register Adjustments can be made

  • Suspend Register pending reconciliation


Available options

  • Multi-User Network Module enables two or more money handling workstations to be networked; each additional machine (2+) requires its own module.

  • Manager Module allows access from outside the vault to view cash in real time, run reports and enter data without compromising the audit trail.

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