Transit Authorities

Transit authorities require accurate deposit balances

Transit authorities across Australia take in large volumes of coin and cash daily and need to quickly, accurately count and sort coin for nightly deposits. Having a complete solution to handle all of these tasks increases staff efficiency, ensuring the deposit is on time and freeing them up to do other essential tasks.


Streamline fare box processing, balance daily deposits accurately and on time

As an example, Victoria, British Columbia’s transit system,BC Transit, uses a JetSort®4000 coin sorter to process mixed coin from cash boxes at a rate of approximately 3,000 mixed coins per minute. This solution allows BC Transit to accurately balance their daily bank deposits; it also helps operations run more smoothly so staff can be more efficient.


"Just by using the foreign coin discrimination feature on the machine, we save more than one hour of processing time per day….all our coin is processed and ready for pick-up in plenty of time!" Debbie, revenue supervisor, BC Transit.

"A good relationship like the one we have with Cummins Allison is something we want to continue – it's hard to find exceptional products and exceptional services." Debbie, revenue supervisor, BC Transit.